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August 12, 2020

Since grade school I can remember telling my mom and dad “I want to go to college, but far, far away”. They thought I was speaking eight-year-old nonsense at the time, but that dream never left my mind. This isn’t because I had an unhappy home life by any means, I have...

August 12, 2020

    The rich are always going to be rich and the poor are always going to be poor, right? Not necessarily so, but it does seem that often money follows money, whether the direction is up or down. Why is that?

    In my business, I counsel people on how best to save...

April 6, 2020

The “web of life” meditation helps dissolve the illusion of that we are all separate by cultivating feelings of safety, compassion, and love. Over time, this practice will increase your feelings of connection not only to yourself, but also to your family, friends, work...

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August 12, 2020

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There is always lots happening in Tuscaloosa and on campus at Alabama!  From Parent's Weekends to the rest of the fun downtown, it's all here.


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